Can CM Punk prove he belongs in the UFC, while the world thinks he’s a joke?


While most doubt him and most believe this is some kind of sick joke, CM Punk is out to prove he belongs in the UFC when he takes on Mickey Gall Saturday night at UFC 203. When CM Punk left the WWE back in 2015 to pursue a career in the UFC, the entire world reacted with mixed views. From harsh criticism to support from many celebrities, CM Punk will have his chance to erase all doubt and let the world know his career in the MMA world is not like the WWE…Fake!

There are many things that make this fight interesting. From the injuries delaying CM pro MMA debut to Mickey Gall calling out CM on Dana White’s “Looking for a fighter” there are many questions that need to be answered. Has CM Punk taken this serious? Is Mickey Gall a worthy enough opponent? What if he wins? What if he loses? All these questions will be answered tonight but I wanted to explain why these questions need to be answered. The fact that CM Punk has no background in MMA and is given a shot in the UFC makes people wonder. Since the WWE superstar has never had to work hard to get into the UFC is this something he is taken lightly? I honestly don’t think so because anyone who has been following CM knows the work ethic he has put into his training camp shows he taken this very serious. From learning how to throw a simple punch to actually sparring and working on ground and pound. CM is taken his MMA career very serious and wants to make a statement. I also believe not only will CM Punk have something to prove but Mickey Gall as well. Yes, CM has yet to have his first pro MMA bout but Mickey Gall has only two fights in which both ending in the first round against fighters who were not top contenders. So do I think Gall is a worthy opponent? Yes, because he at least has some experience but not too much to completely count out CM come Saturday night. Both need each other to prove they belong on the big stage of the UFC. I believe win or lose CM Punk will need put on a convincing performance that will make the UFC want to keep him and not drop like other athletes who tried a MMA Career.

In the end I believe CM Punk will put on a great performance showing the skills he has learned from his camp but I don’t think it will be enough. I’m picking Mickey Gall by second round submission in fight that no matter how it ends CM Punk will walk away the loser in the bout but the winner in the event. Let me know your guys predictions!

Picture Source from MMA Fighting