Terence Crawford and Danny Garcia exchange words over twitter…Can the fight be made?

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Boxing fans got some entertainment earlier today when boxing superstars Terence “Bud” Crawford and Danny “Swift” Garcia exchanged words over twitter  which gave fans some hope of seeing a fight between the two one day. Early Tuesday morning 140 pound champion Terence Crawford took to twitter to express his feelings towards Angel Garcia the father of 147 pound WBC champion Danny Garcia about video that was uploaded online late last month. In the video which was uploaded by FightHype, Angel Garcia is asked what he thought about Crawford’s previous bout with Viktor Postol. Angel Garcia responded by saying “Im not wasting my money on that” and HBO should quote “Be embarrassed”. He would later go on to say Crawford was a made up champion and the real champion (his son Danny) does not get any respect.

Early Monday morning Bud Crawford took twitter and told Danny Garcia directly “Yo dad said I’m a made up champion for beating the guy y’all was scared to fight”. Garcia responded by say “You doing what I did 3 years ago, I ain’t no little Gamboa or stiff Postal. I end careers check my track record”. The two would continue to go at each other through series of tweets with the 147 pound champion Garcia tweeting “Your fight did 50k buys lol if you wanna do real numbers and get defeated. Tell Bob to call Al”. Crawford came back  with something short and simple “no problem”.

With that said what do you guys think? Can this fight be made? Can Bob Arum and Al Haymon finally agree for a fight fans would love to see? I personally believe it can be done but find hard to believe it will because of how boxing politics still affect great fights from happening. The thought of Terence Crawford moving up to 147 pounds and challenging Danny Garcia for the WBC 147 pound title would be a fight I would choose to see over a match with Manny Pacquaio any day. Both champions both undefeated and both in their prime. My heart screams “Make the fight happen!” but my head screams back “Don’t waste your breathe”. You can read the back forth words between the two fighters on their twitter pages and the video of Angel Garcia on link below. Please let me know what you guys think thanks!!!

Video  Source from FightHype

Twitter Post – Terence Crawford

Twitter Post – Danny Garcia