Nothing to lose and everything to gain!


He looks to conquer the middleweight division and shake up the boxing world, the question is can he do it? Can he do what no other fighter has been able to do? Can he become the new face of Great Britain and their new champion? Only time will tell.

Live from the O2 arena in London, Kell Brook is going to try and do what no one has been able to do and beat the great GGG. He’s not trying to just survive the power punching of GGG he’s trying to beat GGG and do it in fashion. With both fighters looking to keep their perfect records they will have to come into tonights fight fully focused and no distractions. Kell Brook must be willing to out smart and out work GGG and fight the perfect fight. He must confuse GGG because Kell Brook is the more technical fighter and can easily outsmart the monster in GGG. However, GGG can change the whole fight based on his punching power. He can change the way the fight is going with that one punch, it will be Brook’s job to outbox and be the slicker fighter he is known for. One thing I have notice and I may be looking too far into it, GGG seemed to be more dehydrated and didn’t look the same as we usually see at yesterday’s weigh in. He wasn’t fully into being there it seemed and we didn’t see the smiling happy GGG we all know. Once again I maybe looking more into this than I should but it was something that caught my attention. Another thing I think GGG needs to do is stop talking and thinking about Canelo Alvarez. During the build up to this fight we have constantly heard GGG express his frustration towards Canelo for not fighting him. He needs to stop, He needs to stop because the fighter he is fighting tonight has the potential to come with more than what people think. GGG will need to be fully focus and ready to fight Kell Brook and worry about Canelo Alvarez later.

My prediction for tonight’s fight is a tough one in which I have been going back and forth for several days. Just yesterday I picked Kell Brook to win on an upset decision and this morning my pick change to GGG. However, going into a deep look at both fighters I have decided to stick with my gut instinct and believe GGG will win by 7th round knockout with Kell Brook putting on a wonder effort. Let me know your guys predictions!

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Mayhem erupts at UFC 202 Press Conference. Conor McGregor – “You’ll do f**k’in nothing!”

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It went 0-100 real quick Wednesday afternoon when the UFC 202 press conference for Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor spiraled out of control. With a whole a lot of F-bombs, middle fingers, cans throwing and Dana White saying “Sorry guys, see you Saturday” fans left the press conference in shock after what took place between Diaz and McGregor.

The press conference went under way with all the fighter from the co-main event and the main event in attendance except McGregor. McGregor showed up late as usual and when asked why he was late McGregor responded by saying ” I thought the press conference started at 1:30, but I am here now”. Everything seemed to be going smooth until Diaz who had just been asked a question about a third fight with the Notorious one if he were to lose Saturday, abruptly got up and left the stage as McGregor was giving his response. As Diaz was walking through the crowd with his camp Diaz yelled “F**k your whole team, how about that”. The two began to exchanging words with McGregor screaming “You’ll do f**k’in nothing! Get the f**k out!” Things went out of control when it appeared someone from Diaz team threw a bottle and caused McGregor to lose his cool. McGregor than grabbed every bottle on stage and threw it towards Diaz and his team. Dana White tried to stop McGregor but nothing was working at this point. The press conference ended with Dana White telling the crowd “Sorry guys, see you Saturday” and just like that the conference was over. No word yet on if anyone involved will be punished but one thing is for sure, Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz just brought some extra heat to Vegas!

If you missed todays events I have posted the video of the UFC 202 press conference below.


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Diaz Vs. McGregor II Officially Fight Week!!


It is officially fight week in the UFC as Conor McGregor will look to avenge his only defeat in his UFC career against Nate Diaz. Nate and Conor will meet again after the two put on a classic battle back in March where Nate won by submitting the “Notorious One” in the second round. Both will be coming into the Octagon having a full training camp to prepare for each other. Both fighters have a lot to prove in the rematch and fans will be waiting to see how the fight will unfold. Fight week kicks off with the UFC 202 Press Conference Wednesday, August 17th and open workouts for the fighters Thursday. Fight week will end with the weigh-in Friday, August 19th at 7:00 pm ET/5:00 pm PT. The UFC 204 Press Conference will take place earlier that day at 5:00 pm ET/3:00 pm PT. You can watch these events on or the official UFC Youtube page and other media outlets. If you haven’t been following the build up to the much anticipated rematch, the UFC “Bad Blood” special on Diaz vs McGregor II is worth the watch. I have attached the video above please let me know your guys thoughts are and who you are picking to come out victorious Saturday night!

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Terence Crawford and Danny Garcia exchange words over twitter…Can the fight be made?

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Boxing fans got some entertainment earlier today when boxing superstars Terence “Bud” Crawford and Danny “Swift” Garcia exchanged words over twitter  which gave fans some hope of seeing a fight between the two one day. Early Tuesday morning 140 pound champion Terence Crawford took to twitter to express his feelings towards Angel Garcia the father of 147 pound WBC champion Danny Garcia about video that was uploaded online late last month. In the video which was uploaded by FightHype, Angel Garcia is asked what he thought about Crawford’s previous bout with Viktor Postol. Angel Garcia responded by saying “Im not wasting my money on that” and HBO should quote “Be embarrassed”. He would later go on to say Crawford was a made up champion and the real champion (his son Danny) does not get any respect.

Early Monday morning Bud Crawford took twitter and told Danny Garcia directly “Yo dad said I’m a made up champion for beating the guy y’all was scared to fight”. Garcia responded by say “You doing what I did 3 years ago, I ain’t no little Gamboa or stiff Postal. I end careers check my track record”. The two would continue to go at each other through series of tweets with the 147 pound champion Garcia tweeting “Your fight did 50k buys lol if you wanna do real numbers and get defeated. Tell Bob to call Al”. Crawford came back  with something short and simple “no problem”.

With that said what do you guys think? Can this fight be made? Can Bob Arum and Al Haymon finally agree for a fight fans would love to see? I personally believe it can be done but find hard to believe it will because of how boxing politics still affect great fights from happening. The thought of Terence Crawford moving up to 147 pounds and challenging Danny Garcia for the WBC 147 pound title would be a fight I would choose to see over a match with Manny Pacquaio any day. Both champions both undefeated and both in their prime. My heart screams “Make the fight happen!” but my head screams back “Don’t waste your breathe”. You can read the back forth words between the two fighters on their twitter pages and the video of Angel Garcia on link below. Please let me know what you guys think thanks!!!

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Twitter Post – Terence Crawford

Twitter Post – Danny Garcia

Woodley with the “T-Wood Bomb” defeats Robbie Lawler in first round KO at UFC 201


UFC 201 once again proved that in the Mixed Martial Arts world anything can happen and by anything I mean ANYTHING! Tyron Woodley did exactly what he said he would do and that was “Shock the World”by knocking out Ruthless Robbie Lawler in the first round of their welterweight title fight. In front of a jam packed crowd in Atlanta both Robbie Lawler and Tyron Woodley walked into the Octagon having all the respect in the world for each other. Being former teammates at American Top Team and never showing any hates towards each other, both knew the respect would be left at the steps of the Octagon as both were seeing to be the UFC Welterweight Champion.

As the first round began Lawler and Woodley circled each other, being very selective on their shots as both knew any mistake can cost them. Lawler who had been champion since beating Rory MacDonald in 2015, seemed to be very prepared to take on Woodley’s blitz game plan from the start. He fended off a takedown attempt by Woodley being very cautious to find any mistake in Woodley attack to counter.Well unfortunately for Lawler he was the one who made the one mistake and it cost him. Near the 2 minute mark Woodley fainted Lawler and landed a crushing right hand that floored Lawler into the cage. Woodley jumped right on top finishing Lawler with a series of punches before the referee stopped the fight. As the crowd stood in disbelief and Woodley celebrated around the octagon, Lawler struggled to stand up and understand what had happen. It was the only second time in his hall of fame career he had been stopped. When asked after the fight about the knockout, Lawler took the loss like the champion he is “I was sitting back more than I needed to instead of moving and he took advantage of it”.  Woodley wasted no time on what he wanted to do next as champion. He showed interest in fighting Nick Diaz who suspension is up in a couple of days for marijuana use and Georges St-Pierre who is rumored to be making a huge return after a three year lay off. Who would you guys like to see Tyron Woodley fight next? Rematch with Robbie Lawler? Slugfest with Nick Diaz? Or huge showdown with one of the best pound for pound fighters ever Georges St-Pierre? Dana White has some work to get done and we’ll be waiting to hear what is next for the new UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron “The Chosen One’ Woodley!

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