My name is Dru Smith and I am 26 years old. I was born and raised in Denver Colorado. I started watching boxing at the young age of 8. Since then, I have watched the sport of boxing religiously and has turned into a huge passion of mine. Besides Muhammad Ali some of my favorite fighters are Floyd Mayweather, Roy Jones, Felix Trinidad, and Arturo Gatti. Over the past couple years I have also grown into a huge fan of the MMA world – Conor McGregor and Anderson “The Spider” Silva being my favorites.

I work a regular 9-5, but my goals in life are pretty different. I dream of becoming a boxing/MMA promoter, but I also dream of becoming a boxing/MMA journalist. I am always the first one to know from my friends about daily news when it comes to boxing/MMA and they are always running to me first for updates. With this blog, I would like to pursue that for everyone else interested to read and discussing topics within the boxing/MMA world.