Nothing to lose and everything to gain!


He looks to conquer the middleweight division and shake up the boxing world, the question is can he do it? Can he do what no other fighter has been able to do? Can he become the new face of Great Britain and their new champion? Only time will tell.

Live from the O2 arena in London, Kell Brook is going to try and do what no one has been able to do and beat the great GGG. He’s not trying to just survive the power punching of GGG he’s trying to beat GGG and do it in fashion. With both fighters looking to keep their perfect records they will have to come into tonights fight fully focused and no distractions. Kell Brook must be willing to out smart and out work GGG and fight the perfect fight. He must confuse GGG because Kell Brook is the more technical fighter and can easily outsmart the monster in GGG. However, GGG can change the whole fight based on his punching power. He can change the way the fight is going with that one punch, it will be Brook’s job to outbox and be the slicker fighter he is known for. One thing I have notice and I may be looking too far into it, GGG seemed to be more dehydrated and didn’t look the same as we usually see at yesterday’s weigh in. He wasn’t fully into being there it seemed and we didn’t see the smiling happy GGG we all know. Once again I maybe looking more into this than I should but it was something that caught my attention. Another thing I think GGG needs to do is stop talking and thinking about Canelo Alvarez. During the build up to this fight we have constantly heard GGG express his frustration towards Canelo for not fighting him. He needs to stop, He needs to stop because the fighter he is fighting tonight has the potential to come with more than what people think. GGG will need to be fully focus and ready to fight Kell Brook and worry about Canelo Alvarez later.

My prediction for tonight’s fight is a tough one in which I have been going back and forth for several days. Just yesterday I picked Kell Brook to win on an upset decision and this morning my pick change to GGG. However, going into a deep look at both fighters I have decided to stick with my gut instinct and believe GGG will win by 7th round knockout with Kell Brook putting on a wonder effort. Let me know your guys predictions!

Picture  Source from News Day


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